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A global coalition working to make broadband affordable for all

What We Do

A4AI works to catalyse policy change in order to drive down the cost of broadband and unlock rapid gains in Internet penetration rates (see our Vision and Strategy for more).


A4AI-How do we work


Our work is a blend of on-the-ground engagements in countries and international advocacy. We’ve signed formal memorandums of understanding with the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique and Myanmar, and are working to affect the lives of nearly 300 million people across these countries. We plan to be working in up to 10 countries by the end of 2015.


Want to learn more? Check out  our full About A4AI infographic, our policy and regulatory best practices, our growing collection of original case studies, or our Affordability Report, which takes an in-depth look at broadband affordability around the world.