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A global coalition working to make broadband affordable for all

What We Do

A4AI works to catalyse policy change in order to unlock rapid gains in internet penetration rates (see our Vision and Strategy for more).
We do this by:


    • Conducting and highlighting research and delivering case studies to bolster the evidence base, including producing an annual Affordability Report. The first edition of this Report will be published in December 2013.


    • Facilitating South-South dialogue to share expertise, best practices, and success stories.


    • Cultivating a diverse and dynamic Alliance membership to magnify messages, offer incentives, and provide technical assistance.


Our work is a blend of on-the-ground engagements in countries and international advocacy. A4AI’s workplans include in-country engagements with three to four States by the end of 2013, rising to at least twelve countries by the end of 2015 across multiple regions. Through these engagements, we will pioneer reforms and demonstrate impact.