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2020 Affordability Report Social Kit

Each year, we publish the Affordability Report — research to analyse the policy progress low- and middle-income countries are making to advance affordable internet.

Please help us share the report on social media. We’ve suggested sample text and graphics below. Graphics can be downloaded via the provided links.

Share the report with hashtag #AffordabilityReport and the link a4ai.org/affordability-report.


Graphics can be downloaded via the provided links.

What progress have countries around the world made on affordable and universal broadband access?

Find out in @A4A_Internet’s latest Affordability Report, out now: https://a4ai.org/affordability-report/

Effective national broadband plans can help governments reduce costs and make sure that internet access is affordable to all.

More in @A4A_Internet’s Affordability Report: https://a4ai.org/affordability-report/

In this time of crisis, the internet is more important than ever — enabling remote work, online learning, and access to key services. But almost half the world still can’t connect.

Learn what governments can do in @A4A_Internet’s Affordability Report: https://a4ai.org/affordability-report/

Internet access should not be a luxury. But for almost half of the world, it remains unaffordable and out of reach.

Find out how national broadband plans can drive down the cost to connect in @A4A_Internet’s new Affordability Report. https://a4ai.org/affordability-report/

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Graphics can be downloaded via the provided links.

The world’s poorest people are least likely to be online — threatening a new front of global inequality, unless we urgently bring down the cost of data.

A4AI’s latest Affordability Report outlines why national broadband plans are key to affordable internet access: https://a4ai.org/affordability-report/

Billions of people are kept offline by the high cost of data, missing out on the opportunities that access to the internet offers.

Learn how national broadband plans can drive down costs and create inclusive digital economies in A4AI’s new Affordability Report: https://a4ai.org/affordability-report/

Covid-19 has shown that the internet is a lifeline. To build back from this crisis, governments must prioritise affordable broadband.

A4AI’s latest Affordability Report outlines key actions governments can take to bring down the cost to connect. https://a4ai.org/affordability-report/

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