A global coalition working to make broadband affordable for all

A4AI-Nigeria Coalition Action Plan – Outline

I. Introduction and Objectives of Nigeria Coalition


II. Priority Themes for Engagement


For each theme, the coalition will delegate a subcommittee to take responsibility for developing the related work.
  • Pricing transparency
    • Safeguards for anti-competitive behavior
  • Open access framework and infrastructure sharing
    • Infrastructure investment
  • Harmonization and rationalization of taxes across local, state and national levels.
    • Community issues & concerns
  • Spectrum policy: focus on the need for more spectrum, fair allocation and innovative uses, availability of free/unlicensed spectrum
  • Data collection and indicators (M&E) – across areas, systematic natl. level effort
  • USF efficiency and collaboration among stakeholders


III. Proposed Coalition Activities


  • Quarterly face to face meetings
    • June 2014
  • Thematic workshops/seminars throughout the year
  • Policy proposals development by coalition’s subcommittees
  • Participation in A4AI regional events


IV. Proposed Coalition Work Methods and Tools


  • Moderated e-mail list with coalition members
  • Moderated e-mail work groups for thematic subcommittees responsible for drafting policy proposals
  • Online and face to face meetings (when possible) of thematic subcommittees

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