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Members Research

A4AI members produce a large amount of high-quality research on affordability related matters. On this page, we highlight relevant and timely pieces of member research - as well as research from other leading organisations - which we believe will be of value to our community.

Le Partage des Infrastructure à Large Bande dans les Économies Émergentes

L’Association pour le progrès des communications produisent une analyse des stratégies de partage des infrastructures à large bande et des politiques qui ont été adoptées dans le monde entier. La recherche montre que le partage des infrastructures apporte de nombreux avantages, y compris les économies considérables de coûts de déploiement du réseau.

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Women Weave the Web: Recommendations for Women’s Digital Empowerment

Throughout 2014, A4AI member World Pulse used their unique platform to crowdsource women’s personal testimonies and recommendations for improving digital access, digital literacy, and digital empowerment. Called Women Weave the Web, this campaign culminated in the release of a recommendations report with actionable steps individuals and organizations can take to make women’s global digital empowerment reality.

How ICTs Can Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

At the UN Sustainable Development Summit on September 25, 2015, world leaders officially adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs, which call for bold moves to improve the lives of those living in poverty by 2030.  The goals include ambitious targets such as ending extreme poverty and hunger, providing universal health care and education, and fighting climate change.

The Policy Tools Making Internet Access More Affordable Across the World

Ahead of the 2015 Internet Governance Forum (IGF), stakeholders were invited to help the IGF compile efficient and effective practices to promote connectivity by making contributions on the theme “Policy Options for Connecting the Next Billion”. A4AI contributed a submission entitled “The Policy Tools Making Internet Access More Affordable Around the World“.

The new digital revolution: From the consumer Internet to the industrial Internet

This study by the UN Economic Commission on Latin America (ECLAC) presents the main features of the digital revolution, emphasizing that today’s world economy is a digital economy; examines the LAC region’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to digital access and consumption; and reviews the main policy debates and urges countries to take a more proactive approach towards, for example, regulation, network neutrality and combating cybercrime.

Accelerating Digital Literacy: Empowering women to use the mobile internet

This report, a joint initiative from GSMA’s Connected Women and Digital Inclusion teams, aims to analyse the challenges women face when accessing mobile internet with low mobile literacy and digital skills; understand how women learn these skills; and identify the barriers women run up against in various learning channels.

Unlocking broadband for all: Broadband infrastructure sharing policies and strategies in emerging markets

This report from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and Deloitte looks at the potential of infrastructure sharing as an effective strategy for accelerating the extension of telecommunication networks, reducing their costs, and bringing broadband Internet access to the over four billion people across the globe who are offline. The study shows that the cost of network deployment can be dramatically reduced if operators collaborate with each other in deploying fibre optic backbones or masts for wireless broadband, and that even greater savings are possible if other utilities (e.g., roads, rail lines, pipelines and power grids) share their infrastructure with network operators.

Bridging the gender gap: Mobile access and usage in low- and middle-income countries

The GSMA’s “Bridging the gender gap: Mobile access and usage in low- and middle-income countries” report examines how many women in low- and middle-income countries own mobile phones, how intensively they use them, and the barriers to mobile phone adoption and use compared to men, and provides actionable insights and recommendations to overcome these barriers. A full PDF of the report is available here.

Mobile Infrastructure Sharing

This GSMA report sets out some of the key themes associated with infrastructure sharing and to provoke discussion on this issue. It is based upon a series of interviews with mobile network operators and infrastructure providers, a literature review and analysis of existing examples of site sharing.