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Cindy Chaw Khin Khin

Cindy Chaw Khin Khin has more than 17 years of experience in Myanmar’s ICT sector. She currently serves as the Group CEO of MCC Group, where she is responsible for strategic business development and corporate management. MCC Group has over 900 employees at headquarters and over 180 centers spread across Myanmar. The main company of the Group, Myanmar Computer Co., Ltd (MCC), was the first computer company to be established in Myanmar in 1989, growing out of the first computer training school in the country in 1986. Today, MCC offers provision of education services and provision of ICT services.


Ms. Chaw Khin Khin actively participates in women development initiatives with a focus on leveraging technology to bring about women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship development in contributing towards the overall socio-economic development of Myanmar. Some of these initiatives include the Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs Association, the eWomen Project, and Geek Girls Myanmar.

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