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How much mobile data can you get with 2% of average monthly income?

Prices are for Q4 2018.
The prices are based on the cheapest product for a user basket from the largest operator in a country.
In some countries smaller data bundles (e.g., 100MB) are not available and instead we identify the cheapest option to purchase that bundle. This may lead to the same price for several bundles. For example, in Argentina 100MB plans are not available from the largest operator, and so purchasing just 100MB of data would cost the same as purchasing 1GB.
For the Central African Republic, Somalia, Solomon Islands and Equatorial Guinea the prices of the second largest operator were taken since the website of the largest operator did not display enough information.
GNI per capita per month (GNICM) is for 2017 from World Bank. No GNI data was available for Somalia, South Sudan, Equatorial Guinea and Cuba.
The exchange rates are for Q4 2018 and based on quarter averages from Google Finance and OANDA.com.