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Laminou Elh Maman

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With more than twenty years of experience within telecoms/ICT sector, Laminou Ehl Maman, has a very good knowledge of this sector and its evolution. After working for government telecommunications organizations for fixed and mobile network, regulation, he moved to serve sub regional organizations since 2002 working for the development of ICT services and infrastructure. He worked actively for the development of telecommunications infrastructure and services in the sub region conducting several studies for the implementation of network including mobile, fixed, in Africa.

Laminou is now the Executive Secretary of the West Africa Telecommunications Regulators Assembly (WATRA), an organization of 15 independent National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), working for the development and harmonization of regulations for ICT service delivery and pricing in countries in the sub-region. WATRA is working to promote the establishment of efficient, adequate, and cost-effective ICT infrastructure and services in the West African to meet the diverse needs of customers at an affordable price everywhere in West Africa including rural and under profitable areas.

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