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Local Partners

A4AI is forming relationships with a number of local partners—organisations which operate in or focus upon a particular country or region. They are integral in helping A4AI develop and implement its in-country activities. They may work directly with us in our engagement countries, or they may help us to identify stakeholders and build local multi-stakeholder coalitions.

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aiti The Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT (AITI-KACE) was established in 2003. The Centre, Ghana's first Advanced Information Technology Institute, works to support the growth of the ICT sector within ECOWAS and beyond through training, skill development, research, consulting and advocacy. A capacity-building institute aimed at ensuring that Africans become producers of technology solutions adapted to their needs, AITI-KACE is committed to Open Source solutions in all dimensions of its work. AITI-KACE advocates an inclusive and affordable internet with locally generated content. For more information visit
Africa ICT Right Africa ICT Right is an ICT-oriented non-profit organization established in 2007 with the aim of addressing the critical need for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure and training in underserved communities in Ghana. AIR works with local communities to address this detriment through integrated development programs that provide low-cost computers with relevant open source educational content, Internet connection using wireless in remote areas as well as technical support and training directed at schools and community centers especially in less privileged areas where the digital divide is at its greatest.
AMCS Associação da Mulher na Comunicação Social (AMCS), based in Maputo, Mozambique, is an organization of women working in the information sector, including journalists and communication professionals. It was founded in May 2000 with the aim of promoting gender equality in the media by increasing the participation of women in the profession and promoting gender equality in the production of content in media articles.
CAICC The Centro de Apoio à Informação e Comunicação Comunitária(CAICC) was established in 2006 to respond to the needs of all those working to promote information and communication at the community level in Mozambique. It contributes to consolidating its local partners’ mission to inform, communicate, defend press freedom and freedom of expression and promote good governance, in particular through improved mastery and use of ICTs. It currently serves a network comprising over 100 community radios, community multimedia centres (CMCs) and telecentres of various origins and types throughout the country.
CBT Centre for Business Transformation at the Millennium Development Institute (CeBT-MDi) is an innovative centre for providing dynamic business transformation solutions in Ghana. The center works by promoting and enabling the development of closely aligned innovations in business and organizational values, processes, Data, and IT systems. The Center also partners with industry stakeholders to identify the impact of policy and legislation on business performance and provides advocacy support.
Fantsuam Fantsuam Foundation is a rural based women's NGO operating from the peri-urban slum of Kafanchan in Nigeria. Its unique model of integrated rural development has a seemless blend of microfinance, rural broadband connectivity, quality computer training programs, rural health centre, youth ICT-based entrepreneurship, and community engagement in management of public health and educational institutions. Cross cutting these services are gender, national volunteering and social protection.
MDB MyDigitalBridge Foundation is a not-for-profit entity that has as its mission: to enrich the lives of marginalised communities through equitable access to technology by facilitating and implementing appropriate private public sector initiatives in order to attain universal access and service and to act in an advisory capacity to relevant stakeholders. The foundation's vision is “To bridge the global digital divide” — one village at a time.
NNNGO The Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO) is the first generic membership body for civil society organizations in Nigeria that facilitates effective advocacy on issues of poverty and other developmental issues. Established in 1992, NNNGO represents over 1,000 organizations ranging from small groups working at the local level, to larger networks working at the national level.
SIITRI The Science Innovation and Information and Communication Technology Research Institution (SIITRI) in Mozambique promotes the empowerment of its target group by performing assessments, studies and interventions, mobilization of resources and promotion of synergies between professionals, and the promotion of training to support entrepreneurship, innovation and technology development.
TechAide TechAide is a technology social enterprise that addresses the development needs of citizens globally in a unique way; its work impacts locals especially in rural areas. The organization designs, develops and deploys appropriate technology solutions and provides training to unleash the potential of individuals, communities and institutions. Its experience in deploying computing, mobile, energy and software solutions in harsh rural conditions, ability to speak several local languages and knowledge of the challenges in such areas, allows the organization to leverage its unique strengths for development projects.
Volunteer in Nigeria Volunteer in Nigeria is a project committed to the social and economic development of Nigeria. Being most inspired by the youth unemployment problem, the organization exposes their expanding network of thousands of youths to contribution-oriented living and skill acquisition opportunities whilst encouraging and helping organizations maximise this dominant demographic.
YMCA The Gambia YMCA Computer Training Centre and Digital Studio, started in 1995, is involved in ICT Training, Digital Media, ICT for Development, ICT innovative collaborative projects,Internet Governance, Research and program management with its core program centered on empowering young people through ICT.



BNNRC The Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) is a national networking body on community media working for building a democratic society based on the principles of free flow of information, equitable & affordable access to information & communication technology (ICT) for remote & marginalized populations.
ICTFP logo ICT Forum Pakistan, comprising of ICT professionals and academics from highly reputed institutions and universities of the country, undertakes analyses, studies and advocacies on ICT policy-related matters. The Forum attempts to provide independent, neutral, unbiased opinions to the sector stakeholders with the intention of steering the issues in directions which are beneficial for the nation. Publication of reports and recommendations of the Forum aim to benefit both urban and rural segments of the society, acting as a bridge for policymakers, regulators, academic institutions and society at large.
MIC Nepal The Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal (MIC Nepal) is a facility for local software economy engagement, development and outreach, in partnership with and serving local industry, government, academic constituencies and non-governmental organizations. MIC Nepal creates an environment to give software developers, IT professionals, university students and faculty, entrepreneurs and governments access to world-class resources. MIC Nepal is not owned by Microsoft but acts as non-government organization in partnership with Microsoft.
MCF The Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF) is the official ICT federation – umbrella organization of all official computer-related associations, working groups, technical committees in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. MCF is comprised of over 10,000 IT student & professional members, 900 corporate members and over 100,000 young basic education student members.
MIDO The Myanmar ICT for Development Organization (MIDO) is a Myanmar-based local NGO focusing on ICT for Development. MIDO has been involved in building up capacity on digital literacy, ICT policy advocacy, building of telecenters, and promoting access to Internet and information in Myanmar.

Latin America


More information on our Latin America partners coming soon.

To learn more about engagement in the Dominican Republic, visit the A4AI-Dominican Republic coalition page: Spanish | English