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Yacine is the Latin America and Caribbean Coordinator for A4AI, where he works to support A4AI’s work across the region. An economist who became a field activist supporting the use of ICT for human and social development, Yacine is based in the Dominican Republic and has over twenty years of experience working on ICT issues in the region.


An economist who became a field activist promoting the use of ICT for human and social development, Yacine’s work focuses on the use of ICTs to empower marginalised social groups, develop cultural identity, community development, education, environment, NGO capacity, grassroots advocacy, and sustainable business. As the Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, Yacine will support the implementation of A4AI’s strategy and work in the region.


Yacine moved to the Caribbean over twenty years ago to participate in efforts to build early research networks in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He has since been based in the Dominican Republic and in 2003, founded Fundación Taigüey, an NGO that engages in grassroots community development, empowerment through the strategic use of ICTs and knowledge networking. The organisation has developed many community-based projects over the past 10 years, including an eco-tourism service and a sustainable agro-processing enterprise managed by a women’s cooperative.


Yacine also works as a project manager and consultant for a range of international development and cooperation organisations worldwide, including the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, IIDRC, USAID and a number of UN agencies (see www.yacine.net).


Originally from Algeria, Yacine holds a postgraduate degree in Economics and Business Management from the University of Paris- Pantheon Sorbonne.

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