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A global coalition working to make broadband affordable for all

The Alliance for Affordable Internet a coalition of private sector, public sector, and civil society organisations who have come together to advance the shared aim of affordable access to both mobile and fixed-line Internet in developing countries.

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What do we mean by policy and regulation? And how do we assess effectiveness?

At the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), our approach to increasing access to affordable Internet in emerging economies across the globe is focused upon policy and regulatory reform. But what exactly do we mean by “policy” and “regulation”? And how do we determine what constitutes an effective policy and regulatory framework?

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Broadband Access Trends in 2015: A4AI’s Predictions

Here at A4AI, we spent the few weeks before the start of the new year thinking about our predictions for the expansion of global broadband access in 2015. On the whole, we are hopeful that more governments will realise the necessity and benefit of policies that will encourage affordable and open access to the Internet for their citizens, and that innovation and competition will lower broadband service and device prices and enable millions more to get online.

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