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Affordability Report 2013

The first edition of A4AI’s annual Affordability Report was published on 8 December 2013. The report takes an in-depth look at broadband affordability around the globe, and makes policy recommendations designed to drive prices down. Click here to download the full report, or click here to see a presentation outlining the results as delivered by Dr Bitange Ndemo on 8 December.
A4AI is committed to undertaking our research in a transparent fashion – we hope that others will use our data sets to build upon and interrogate. To this end, links to two data files in .xlsx format are provided below. These are:
1. The Affordability Index Data set, which includes the normalized data, i.e. all the raw data were transformed onto one scale so that we could combine them meaningfully in one index – we use ‘z-scores’ and the ‘min-max’ to normalize.
2. A raw data set, which includes all data as taken from the data source, including World Bank, ITU, WEF, Web Index survey, etc. – except where we needed to divide by variables like per capita income, population, GDP, etc, to get a figure per 100 people or as a percentage of average income, for example.

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