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Affordability in Latin America & the Caribbean

Following the launch of our 2017 Affordability Report in February, we’ve been busy putting together snapshot reports that focus in on affordability policy progress — and challenges — across the different regions and countries in which A4AI is engaged. We’re excited to share with you our latest Regional Affordability Report, which looks at developments made and needed in Latin America and the Caribbean (available in both English and Spanish).


The 2017 Affordability Report Regional Snapshot for Latin America and the Caribbean highlights the region’s strong performance on the 2017 Affordability Drivers Index (ADI); six out of the 14 countries assessed in the region boast “affordable” internet (i.e.., 1GB priced at 2% or less of average monthly income) and the countries of the region score higher than the global average across the five policy areas measured by the ADI.


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Stay tuned for more reports that will be coming out soon, including a regional overview of affordability in Asia, country reports on the Dominican Republic and Myanmar, and more.

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