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A global coalition working to make broadband affordable for all

Vision and Strategy


The Alliance for Affordable Internet is a coalition of private sector, public sector, and not-for-profit organisations who have come together to advance the shared aim of affordable access to both mobile and fixed-line Internet in developing countries. The World Wide Web Foundation serves as the secretariat for the Alliance.
Our primary goal is to see the UN Broadband Commission Broadband Target of entry-level broadband services priced at less than 5% of average monthly income realised. In working towards this vision, we hope to help billions more users to come online (with a particular focus on low-income countries) and to make universal access a reality.


A4AI has a clear focus on policy and regulatory change. Why? Put simply, whilst innovative technological solutions to affordability challenges are progressing apace, the best technologies in the world can’t drive change if quasi-monopolies or regressive policies prevent them from being implemented. Experience shows that changes to policy can deliver impressive results, fast. So, through a combination of advocacy, research and knowledge-sharing, A4AI will drive policy change by seeking to create the conditions for open, competitive and innovative broadband markets. The Alliance has published a set of policy and regulatory best practices which will guide our work.
However, policy change is not easy to bring about. The Alliance’s added value lies in bringing major players together across sectors and geographies to generate both the will and incentives to drive change. By unifying diverse actors in pursuit of a goal that delivers both social and commercial dividends, we hope to achieve a much bigger impact than any one actor could achieve on their own. We work closely with national governments and other in-country players to deliver bespoke solutions tailored to local realities.