A4AI advocates to advance the policies and regulations needed to reduce internet prices and enable more people to afford to come online. From engagement at high-level events to our on-the-ground work with the A4AI national coalitions, we work to identify and address key barriers to affordability, and to bring together the key stakeholders needed to drive solutions forward.

Meaningful Connectivity

Over half of the world is now online, but many people lack the quality of access they need to use the internet’s most powerful features, such as online learning, video streaming and telehealth. It’s time to raise the bar for internet access and aim for meaningful connectivity for everyone.

The Meaningful Connectivity Standard is a framework to track the components of connectivity that matter most to users and help decision makers adopt the policies needed to connect people to an internet that is useful and empowering.

A4AI Public Comments

A4AI and its coalitions occasionally submit feedback to calls for public comment on proposed policies and regulations.

A4AI Policy & Regulatory Good Practices  

All of our advocacy work is based around a set of policy and regulatory good practices, which have been agreed to by all A4AI members.

Rural Broadband Policy Framework

In order to achieve the universal goals for reducing inequality and achieving universal access by 2030, clear frameworks that can guide and speed up progress are crucial. The Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), in partnership with APC, CIPESA, DEF and Facebook, developed the Rural Broadband Policy Framework (RBPF) to provide guidance to help address the persistent ‘Digital Divide’ faced by people living in rural areas.