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A4AI names GIFEC’s Abena Nyamesem as consumer Champion in Ghana

A4AI is pleased to announce that Ms Abena Nyamesem, Head of Sustainability and Partnership at GIFEC, has been named Champion of the A4AI-Ghana Consumer Advocacy and Equal Access Working Group. She is a development consultant with specialisation in developing sustainability models, compliance, facilitation, and training in entrepreneurship and ICTs, and universal access and service principles. At GIFEC, she is responsible for developing innovative models that ensure compliance, value, and sustainability of projects to serve current and future generations’ needs. She endeavours to establish profitable industry partnerships and corporate arrangements to maximise impact for beneficiary communities and its members. She is passionate about discovering sustainable digital literacy models, enabling digital transformation of local economies, and studying digital development’s sociological aspects. 

Ms Nyamesem will lead one of the largest and most active working groups in the Ghana coalition to promote digital consumer protection and access to affordable and meaningful connectivity. She joins the coalition in this role at a critical time when there’s a compelling need to urgently ensure that everyone can connect to the internet. In accepting this role, Ms Nyamesem has committed “the assurance of [her] highest collaboration.” 

This role had previously been vacant and was last held by Ms Clara Pinkrah-Sam.

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