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A4AI releases Brazil Case Study

Today, we’ve released the latest in our series of country reports – Brazil. This South American powerhouse and recent World Cup host is a fascinating case study. Over 100 million Brazilians are online, and the average cost to connect is 2% of monthly income – well below the UN’s target of 5%. The country has also led the world by signing a Digital Bill of Rights into law, which guarantees access for all citizens.
Yet challenges still remain. While urban penetration rates are over 40%, they plummet to just 10% in rural areas, where only 1 in 5 people has ever used the Internet. The lack of competition in the mobile market has also kept prices for mobile broadband relatively high. The government is aware of and responding to these challenges, and has put a number of progressive policy proposals in place.
You can download the full case study by visiting our country case studies page: http://a4ai.org/policy-research/country-case-studies2/
We hope you find it an informative and enjoyable read, and we welcome your feedback!
Image Credit: Boris G on Flickr under CC licence.