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The impact of meaningful connectivity

As the world grappled with the public health demands of Covid-19 stay at home orders, huge parts of human life moved online. This makes being connected to the internet more important than ever before. Whereas it was once an optional luxury, internet access became a crucial way to learn, to bank, to access healthcare, and to stay informed.

But the digital divide now is no longer just about who’s online and offline. These stories show the impact that meaningful connectivity can have on society, and why it should be  the new target for internet access across the globe.

Christinah Ngoy, 22, is a facilitator at Timbuktu in the Valley, a skills development space for children living in some of Johannesburg’s most impoverished inner-city neighbourhoods.

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Palesa Ramolefo is 25 years old and is an activist working with Amandla.Mobi, a campaigning organisation based in South Africa. She was also one of the campaigners behind the #DataMustFall campaign in South Africa.

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Melissa and Sizanenhle, both aged 10, attend the aftercare sessions at Timbuktu in the Valley, a skills development project in Johannesburg.

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