Anju Mangal

Regional Head of Asia and Pacific

Anju bio pic

Anju is A4AI’s Regional Head of Asia and Pacific. Her work focuses on strengthening  A4AI national coalitions and support stakeholder collaborations to advance our shared  goal of affordable access across Asia.  

Anju was affiliated with the Pacific Community (SPC) as the Digital Transformation ECM  Specialist and Business Analyst Adviser. Anju was recently awarded the Obama  Foundation leadership fellowship and the U.S State of Department International Visitor’s  Leadership Programme on Digital Economy and Cybersecurity. She is currently the Vice  Chair of the Asia Pacific Internet Governance Forum and the Vice Chair of the Pacific  Islands Chapter of the Internet Society. Anju was a tutor for DiploFoundation’s ICT  Strategy Course and a research expert in Internet Governance. She was an ISOC  Ambassador, Commonwealth IGF fellow and APrIGF fellow. She was the first Pacific  Islander to be elected as a Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) member of the  United Nations Internet Governance Forum. She has also worked for the the UN Internet Governance Forum-Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland.  

Anju is passionate about Women and ICT and Cybersafety for women, girls and  persons with disabilities. She was a founding member of the Pacific Women and ICT.  She continues to work with key stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region on various areas  such as digital rights digital inclusion, cybersecurity, privacy, security etc.  

She holds a Master of Arts degree in Governance and a Bachelor of Science degree in  Information systems and Geographical information systems and is certified in Internet  Governance Capacity building programme, knowledge management and Business  Analysis.