These five impact stories ground the policy issues in the 2019 Affordability Report in their human impact. The stories feature illustrations by Neema Iyer.


Profiting from affordability and convenience

In Indonesia, public access is changing lives. Read how mango sellers trade their products with the help of social media and a community Wi-Fi network.


What data means for Cameroonians

People connect to the internet through a variety of connections. Read about Wi-Fi snooping, SIM swapping, and more in Cameroon.


Managing connectivity on the move

Community networks can play an essential role in providing reliable connectivity in rural and remote areas. Read about how this connection became a lifeline for one taxi driver’s business in Mexico.


“It helps me escape.”

Ruth, a domestic worker in Lagos, Nigeria, switches between the networks of three operators to access the most reliable internet services available at the lowest cost. Read her story.

South Africa

Some things must fall

The free Wi-Fi access on University of Cape Town’s campus provides Grace with the opportunity to access homework assignments and educational games for her daughter, who joins her at work after primary school. Read more about how public access is changing their lives.