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A4AI Members are public, private, and civil society organisations that operate in more than one country or whose work or research spans more than one country. A4AI Local Partners are organisations that operate in only one country. If your organization would like to be considered for membership in the Alliance, please complete the application form. We will contact you about next steps when we have reviewed your application.





All members are expected to:


  • Promote the Alliance’s goals, principles and agenda
  • Endorse the A4AI Policy and Regulatory Good Practices (available in Spanish)
  • Agree to use the organization  name and logo in promotional materials
  • Engage in the Alliance’s work through annual membership contribution, technical assistance, and/or other direct engagement.





Members make an annual financial contribution to the Alliance to make country engagement activities possible. Membership categories are based on the level of contribution:


  • Global Sponsor ($300,000+): foundation, corporate, or other entities providing core financial support
  • Sponsor ($100,000+): foundation, corporate, or other entities providing major financial support
  • Partner ($25,000+): foundations, donors, and developing market-based private sector companies 
  • Supporter (in-kind to $5,000+): NGOs, public sector, social enterprises, small- and medium-sized companies, inter-governmental organisations



Local Partners: Organisations that operate and are focused in only one country.


  • Local private sector companies ($2,500+)
  • Local NGOs (in-kind contribution)





All members are encouraged to contribute in-kind donations in four crucial areas, which would be potentially budget-relieving and would enable the Alliance to balance its budget:

  • Office costs – office space, internet access, office supplies, printing
  • Equipment – laptops, phones, software licenses
  • Communications – website support, social media, marketing, publications, promotional materials, editing, translation services
  • Venue support – providing free or low-cost venues for A4AI meetings and events, catering, event support staff


The Alliance welcomes other forms of non-monetary contribution. Please complete the application form, and we will be in touch discuss which membership category is appropriate for your organisation. If you have trouble viewing the form below, you can access it directly on Google forms here.


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