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Incentives, Taxes, Data, and the Struggle to Lower Costs in Mozambique

The biggest obstacle in expanding broadband access in all of the countries that A4AI works in is the high cost of connecting to the Internet, but in Mozambique, it is a particularly imposing hurdle. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a fixed-line broadband connection costs almost 51 percent of the average monthly income in the country, and a mobile broadband connection costs 41 percent (ITU MIS 2014).

Opportunities and Roadblocks: Forging Ahead in Ghana

The A4AI-Ghana Coalition has much to celebrate after the Government committed to abolishing the 20 percent import duty on smartphones, following advocacy by the coalition’s Taxation Working Group. However, as we celebrate, we must also look ahead -- more hard work is needed to achieve the rest of the objectives set by the coalition.

A4AI celebrates 1st Birthday


Today, we’re celebrating the Alliance for Affordable Internet’s first birthday (check out our birthday infographic). Our vision of driving access prices down through policy and regulatory reform has resonated, and we’ve made rapid progress since our launch on October 7…

Knowledge is Power: Uncomplicating Broadband Affordability Issues in Nigeria

Here at A4AI, we are excited that Nigeria — the first African country to join the Alliance — has formed a national action plan and is working to finalize concrete work plans to tackle some of the policy and regulatory obstacles currently blocking the road to more affordable Internet prices in the country. We recognise, however, that bringing these local stakeholders together is just one piece of the puzzle.